Facts About Canada

  1. Canada ranks higher than the United States in statistics such as life expectancy (80.22 years in Canada versus 77.85 in the United States) and infant mortality (4.75 Canadian deaths per 1000 versus 6.50 in the States). Both countries rank highly with a 99% literacy rate
  2. Toronto has the highest cost of living in Canada, followed by Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and Ottawa respectively.

The survey found that Canadian cities have lower living costs than many other locations in the developed world.
Further detailed figures from the survey showed that;

  1. The cost of living in Toronto province is 30 percent lower than in London or UK.
  2. The cost of living in Vancouver is 12 percent lower than in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  3. The cost of living in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, is 5 percent lower than in Glasgow, United Kingdom

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