Programs & Guidelines

University and College Programs

In Canada, there are more than 11,000 undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered in Universities, as well as professional degree programs and Certificates. Most Institutions provide instruction in either English or French; others offer instruction in both official languages.
In Canada, Colleges and institutes offer a range of vocation-oriented programs in a wide variety of professional and technical fields, including business, health, applied arts, technology, and social services. Some of the Institutions are specialized and provide training in a single field such as fisheries, arts, paramedical technology, and agriculture. Colleges also provide literacy and academic upgrading programs, pre-employment and pre-apprenticeship programs, and the in-class portions of registered apprenticeship programs. Also, many different workshops, short programs, and upgrades for skilled workers and professionals are made available for students.

Guide Lines to Applying for Admission in Canadian Universities

If you want to apply for admission into any Canadian University or College, it is advisable you ask yourself these questions;  
a.    Have I made the necessary researches I needed to?
b.    What type of Country is Canada?
c.    Have I selected a course of my choice?
d.    How long is the duration of my course of choice?
e.    What are the necessary steps to obtaining my Visa or study permit?
f.    Where is Canada Located in the world?
g.    What is the climate (weather) condition of the country?
h.    How much do I have in my bank account?
i.    How will I sustain myself when I get there?
j.    What is the type of food they have over there?
k.    What will be the source of my income when I get to Canada?
l.     Can I cope with the standard of education there?
m.   What if I dont get a job when I get there, will I still be able to sustain myself?
n.    What is the cost of living there?
o.    Which institution is the best I can afford?
p.    What do I think will be my major challenge when I get there?

If you have answers to the above questions, then you are likely to be on track. Please contact us  for more information because we are here to guide you through the whole process. Contact Us here