Study and Work in Canada

Work and Study In Canada:

It is possible to work in Canada while you are a student. In most cases, you will need to apply for a student work permit. Working in Canada can go a long way towards helping you establish business contacts for the future and can even help you immigrate after graduation.
You may work on campus at the institution where you study without a work permit if you are;

  1. A full-time student at a public post-secondary institution, such as a college or university, or a collège d’enseignement général et professionnel (CEGEP) in Quebec.
  2. A full-time student at a private post-secondary institution that operates under the same rules and regulations as a public institution, and receives at least 50 percent of its financing for its overall operations from government grants (currently only private college-level educational institutions in Quebec qualify).
  3. A full-time student at a Canadian private institution authorized by provincial statute to confer degrees..

Off Campus

You can work off campus but you must have a work permit. The work permit authorizes you to work up to 20 hours per week during regular academic sessions, and full time during scheduled breaks (for example, winter and summer holidays, and spring break). A work permit does not guarantee that you will find a job. It is your responsibility to look for work. Even if you work off campus, your studies must be the main reason you are in Canada.

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