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A business-oriented, teaching-intensive, higher educational institution, University Canada West (UCW) is located in downtown Vancouver. It offers flexible degree programs that prepare students to be effective problem solvers, collaborators and leaders in our world’s ever-changing workplace environment.

The business programs at UCW have earned ACBSP Global Business Accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. UCW has also earned the Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation for meeting or exceeding BC Provincial Government-recognized standards for quality assurance and consumer protection. The university is a member of the BC Transfer System (BCCAT) with more than 1,800 course transfer agreements with BC public and private universities and colleges.

The independent university’s flexible programming draws students from more than 40 countries, enabling them to complete undergraduate and graduate degrees in-person or online faster than at many traditional universities. For more information, visit

Why study at UCW?

  • Business-oriented, teaching-intensive with an emphasis on practical application
  • Academically qualified professors with first-hand industry experience
  • ACBSP-accredited business degree programs
  • Class sizes capped to enhance student experience and engagement
  • Faster completion option for motivated students
  • Historic and convenient downtown Vancouver location close to public transit



The ACBSP-accredited Master of Business Administration (MBA) program from UCW will prepare students for leadership on the global stage. Student will learn how to take the most challenging situations in stride, apply pragmatic solutions to problems they encounter and ultimately drive the success of an organization with informed decision-making.

Bachelor of Commerce

The ACBSP-accredited Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) program provides students with a broad foundation knowledge of contemporary business and its practices. The degree prepares students for a successful career in business or management, where they will contribute constructively to the global economy.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication (BA) is an interdisciplinary program that cultivates a knowledge of media, cultural studies and business, alongside theoretical and practical skills. The communication methods taught and media training students receive throughout this course are relevant to careers in professional writing, journalism, public relations, communications and advertising.

MBA Foundation

We understand that some students don’t have the professional or academic qualifications to pursue an MBA, but still wish to enter the program. These students have the option of completing four MBA Foundation courses with a grade of B or better to order to qualify for admission to the MBA program.

University Access Program

Students not meeting the minimum English language requirements for a Bachelor degree or the MBA program entry can still improve their English skills and still qualify for their degree at UCW.

The University Access Program (UAP), accredited by Languages Canada, covers everything needed for higher-level education in an English-speaking institution. The program covers specific academic skills, such as essay writing, research methods, note taking, critical thinking and seminar or tutorial discussion. It gives students a great start before entering their program of choice at University Canada West.

UCW’s academic English preparation course UAC 030 has been formally recognized as meeting the English language proficiency standard required for entry into all degree granting colleges and universities in British Columbia. The announcement allows UCW to expand its University Access Program to include students, who may opt to pursue their degree at another institution.

University Pathway Program

UCW’s University Pathway Program (UPP) prepares international students, who have successfully completed secondary school year 11 or its equivalent, for entry into any one of the university’s undergraduate degree programs. The program is offered at three different levels. Students will be placed in a level based on their English proficiency. Programs range from six to 12 months in duration.

Awards & Scholarships

International Student Leaders Award

Applicable programs: MBA, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication
Eligibility: This award is open to international applicants (excluding USA), who are dedicated to contributing to their home country’s economic development.
Value: The award tier value will be determined based on the strength of your application and personal statement.

 UndergraduateGraduate (MBA)
Tier 1$12,000$7,500
Tier 2$8,000$5,000

Scholarships for Academic Excellence

Applicable Programs: MBA, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication.

Eligibility:  These scholarships are for international and domestic students with excellent academic grades, who wish to go on to excel in their chosen field of study and work. Submit a scholarship application at the time of applying for admission to UCW.

CGPA (out of 4.33)International StudentsDomestic StudentsInternational / Domestic Students
3.80 and above$20,000$8,000$10,000
3.60 to 3.79$16,000$6,000$5,000
3.40 to 3.59$12,000$4,000$2,500
3.20 to 3.39$8,000$2,000N.A.

MBA Foundation Grant

Applicable programs: MBA with MBA Foundation
Eligibility: This grants is for international and domestic students, who demonstrate leadership potential and commitment to their chosen field of endeavor.
Value: International students: $6,500. Domestic students: $5,000. The MBA Foundation Grant will disbursed over the last courses of the MBA Degree.

Quick Facts

  • Intakes: October (Fall), January (Winter), April (Spring), July (Summer)
  • Modes of Delivery: On-campus or Online
  • Scholarships/Awards*:
  • MBA Foundation Study Grant (up to $6,500)
  • MBA (up to $10,000)
  • Bachelor degrees (up to $20,000)