Why Study In Canada?

Every year more than two hundred thousand International students troop into Canada. This is because studying in Canada is an exciting and rewarding experience for many students from around the world. Canadian education reputation is based on quality and is recognized for excellence across the entire education sector and employers of labour all over the world. Over 90 per cent of Canada’s University and College graduates are employed in their field of study within six months after graduation and 93 per cent of employers are satisfied with the graduates.

Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for international students. For exceptional quality of education and best quality of life, Universities of Canada rank high in the list of world’s best universities, which offer internationally acclaimed education revered by the whole world. Vibrant cities, better career prospects, scenic beauty, multicultural diversity, and amazing quality of life are the reasons why a massive number of international students flock to Canada for higher education every year. Studying in Canada is far affordable and although tuition fees may vary from one university to another depending upon the university and program you choose. Though Canada offers a quality education at affordable rates, competition to take admission in universities of Canada is quite high.

There are so many benefits for international students choosing to study in Canada. The educational system ranks at the top of the world. Whether you choose to study in one of our large, vibrant cities or settle on a small campus in a warm, welcoming community, your experience will be one that will shape your life. It may lead to a career and a future in Canada, for better career prospects at home, due to our four beautiful seasons, wide-open spaces, abundant wildlife and high quality of life.

Whether you want to just study in Canada for fun or you want to seriously chase a professional qualification in your academic field of study in the country, there are enough Universities and Colleges in Canada to support your findings. Canada is a great place for study. One of the longest coastlines, vast wilderness, world-class cities, and a culture of tolerance and diversity, Canada is a natural destination for thousands of international students.

Why Study In Canada – Visiting or studying abroad can be an adventure of a lifetime. Canada is a friendly, safe country with a high standard of living. Low crime rates, great student health benefits, and universities focused on student security and health make studying in Canada a good choice for anyone who’s uneasy about personal safety while abroad. The Global Peace Index ranks Canada among its top 10 safest countries in the world to visit.

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In Summary, below are the Top reasons to study in Canada;

World-Class Education

Canada offers an outstanding education that is a global standard for excellence, with curriculums taught by some of the world’s top professors. A degree earned from Canadian universities will be accepted in most countries around the globe, and will open many doors for graduates all over the world.


Work Opportunity during studies

Canada offers international students opportunities to work up to 20 hours per week while studying and full time during summer and winter breaks, which helps them earn while learning. This is a great way to continue living in Canada while diversifying one’s professional career. Canada is a wonderful country and is popular for attracting international students for their study. As the country has special regulations, all international students have an opportunity to work for up to 20 hours every week during semesters and full-time during summer and winter breaks. To work on campus or as an intern in any company, you would not require any additional work permit as your study permit is enough to help you find a part-time job.


Ample Research Opportunities

If you are a research scholar, there can be no better country than Canada. The government of Canada offers great support to research in disciplines such as medicine, telecommunication, agriculture, environmental science and technology.


Vibrant and lively campus life

Studying in Canada is a great experience because you get to explore a foreign country and attend events, fests, and other activities being conducted by the people of that country all through the year. This creates a happy and lively environment for all the students, helps you network and meet new people, besides keeping homesickness at bay.


Immigration opportunities

Canada’s Post-Graduation Work Permit Program allows students to stay and work in the country for up to three years after completion of their graduation. This allows you to gain some international work experience and apply for permanent residency later on.


Affordable Tuition Fee

Why you should study in Canada: Tuition fee in Canada, when compared to Universities in the US and UK, is fairly cheaper. And when considering the return on investment, it is quite a viable option for Indian students. You can also apply to a range of scholarships to cut down on your educational expenses.